Why a rebuild value appraisal is important

Do you ever wonder what amount your building is actually insured for? Correctly estimating the rebuild value of your commercial or residential building is more than a formal requirement of your insurer. It is your safety net in times of unexpected events such as damage or loss. But how sure are you of the amount you are insured for and what if that amount is incorrect?

The risks of an incorrect rebuild value

An incorrect rebuild value can have more consequences than you might think. With insufficient insurance, in the event of damage, not all costs may be reimbursed and additional expenses will be your own responsibility. An overestimation of the reinstatement value, on the other hand, can result in an unnecessarily high insurance premium. These are extra costs that you would rather spend elsewhere. It is therefore advisable to check the current insured amount and adjust it if necessary.

An appraisal on a fixed basis is the solution

At FH Appraisals, we understand that determining the correct reconstruction value yourself can be difficult. That's why we recommend a fixed appraisal based on Section 7:960 of the Civil Code. This appraisal takes various factors into account, such as unique features and market conditions. In this way, the correct value is determined and there is no question of over- or underinsurance. With a fixed appraisal according to the article of law, discussion about the insured value in case of damage can be avoided.

Why should you choose a rebuild value appraisal?

A reconstruction value assessment is appropriate for anyone who owns a building. Whether you are a business, owners association, investor, social institution, municipality or private individual, we are here to help.


Avoid overinsurance and save on insurance premiums


Prevent underinsurance and avoid discussion in case of damage and/or loss


Minimize financial risks in the event of damage and/or loss

Our experience

At FH Appraisals, we know what we're talking about. Although we only started in 2020, we have made rapid strides and have grown solidly. We have strengthened our team with experienced industry professionals. We are proud to say that we are now a mid-sized appraisal firm.

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