Business property valuation

Business property valuation2024-05-27T15:06:44+02:00

Why should you choose an appraisal of your commercial property?

There are several reasons to have your commercial property appraised. Whether you need an appraisal for insurance purposes, the purchase or sale of your property or want to understand the current market value. Appraising a commercial property requires expertise.

The challenge of an accurate business appraisal

Valuing your commercial property correctly has its challenges, partly due to the ever-changing real estate market or changing construction prices. This is why it is essential to have an appraisal done by an expert who takes all the important factors into account.

Business premises valued by FH Appraisals

At FH Appraisals, we understand that determining the correct value of your commercial property is no simple task. With our experienced team of appraisers, we offer the expertise needed. Our approach is designed to give you a clear and reliable understanding of the correct value of your commercial property. We are here for you to make this process as quick and smooth as possible.

I need an appraisal for ...

Business property appraisal for insurance purposes (reconstruction value)

Do you ever wonder how much your commercial property is actually insured for? Correctly estimating the reinstatement value of your commercial property is more than a formal requirement of your insurer. It is your safety net in times of unexpected events such as damage or loss. But how sure are you of the amount you are insured for and what if that amount is incorrect?

An expert appraisal prevents both over- and under-insurance and provides clarity in the event of a claim. By determining the correct rebuilding value, you are protected against unexpected financial risks and discussions with your insurer about the insured value.

At FH Appraisals, we understand the complexity of correctly determining the reconstruction value of your commercial property. That's why we recommend a fixed appraisal based on Section 7:960 of the Civil Code. This appraisal takes into account various factors, such as unique characteristics and market conditions such as increased construction costs. This way the correct value is determined and there is no question of over- or underinsurance.

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Business property appraisal for market value purposes

Determining the market value of your commercial property plays an important role in buying or selling decisions, (re)financing applications and for valuation in accounting. A correct market value appraisal not only provides insight into the current value of your commercial property, but also enables you to make informed decisions that may affect your financial future.

A market value appraisal provides clarity and certainty in various business scenarios. It enables you to sell your commercial property at the right price or to purchase a commercial property, assists in obtaining financing based on actual value, and provides an accurate representation of your assets in financial records.

Our appraisers have years of experience and are registered in the Dutch Register of Real Estate Appraisers (NRVT) and are TMI (Taxation Management Institute) certified. Due to the strict requirements of permanent education, we are always aware of changes and developments in the market. Our valuation reports therefore meet the set requirements of all major banking institutions in the Netherlands. In short, for the valuation of your commercial property, you have come to the right place at FH Taxaties.

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Our experience

At FH Appraisals, we know what we're talking about. Although we only started in 2020, we have made rapid strides and have grown solidly. We have strengthened our team with experienced industry professionals. We are proud to say that we are now a mid-sized appraisal firm.

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We perform all of our appraisals with enthusiasm. It is important to us that you are helped as quickly as possible. Therefore, we are easily accessible and respond immediately to your question or request. Please contact me without obligation!


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Frequently asked questions about business property valuation

Do you have questions about appraising your commercial property? Our FAQ section provides answers to the most common questions and supports you in making informed decisions.

What is a business property appraisal?2024-05-16T13:57:00+02:00

A commercial property appraisal is the process by which an independent and qualified professional determines the value of a commercial property. This process is crucial for owners, buyers, sellers, and financial institutions for a variety of reasons, such as in setting a sales price, for financing, for insurance, and for tax purposes. The appraisal considers a wide range of factors, including the property's physical condition, location, and prevailing market conditions, to provide an accurate valuation.

What is the difference between appraisal by reconstruction value and market value?2024-05-16T13:57:20+02:00

The main difference between an appraisal based on rebuild value and market value lies in the purpose of the appraisal. An appraisal based on rebuild value estimates the cost to rebuild the property in the event of a total loss, and is primarily important for insurance purposes. It ensures that the property is not underinsured or overinsured. An appraisal based on market value, on the other hand, determines what the property is worth in the current real estate market, crucial for buying or selling the property, obtaining financing, or for valuing the property in financial records.

What is the cost of a business property appraisal?2024-05-16T13:58:00+02:00

The cost of an appraisal of a commercial property can vary depending on several factors, such as the size and location of the property, the complexity of the appraisal and the purpose of the appraisal (e.g., reconstruction value versus market value). Request a free quote for an overview of the costs.

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