About us

FH appraisals appraises throughout the Netherlands and has a specialist in house for every type of appraisal

We appraise for companies, owners' associations, investors, retailers, municipalities, social institutions, housing associations, SMEs, individuals and many more parties.

FH Appraisals was founded in 2020 by Marvin Dansen. Shortly after its founding, Marvin joined forces with a number of former colleagues. In a short period of time we have grown to a medium-sized valuation agency. Despite only recently being active as FH Appraisals we have extensive experience in the appraisal industry. We perform our appraisals with great enthusiasm. Our lines of communication are short, as are our turnaround times. We are easily approachable and respond quickly to questions or requests.

Our team


Marvin Dansen | Registered appraiser VRT

06-24233637 - marvin@fh-taxaties.nl - LinkedIn

My name is Marvin Dansen, 39 years old born in De Moer and living in Waalre (North Brabant) since 2009. In 2020 I founded FH Taxaties and I am an architectural appraiser. At FH Taxaties I perform valuations for insurance purposes.

I have already carried out a wide range of valuations, such as churches, castles, mills, ski halls, farms and beach pavilions. In addition, of course, to the more common valuations such as homes, commercial and office properties, hospitality etc. My father is an architect so the interest in construction was brought to me from an early age. I regularly went along to his construction projects. When I was allowed to choose I chose architecture as a matter of course. In 2005, after obtaining my MBO diploma, I first started working in the building department at the Efteling as a draughtsman and then joined my father at the architectural office. After a brief foray into building consultancy I started working as an appraiser in 2008.


Ed Bruin | Registered appraiser VRT / Expert

06-46899197 - ed@fh-taxaties.nl - LinkedIn

My name is Ed Bruin. I am 54 years young and live in Purmerend. I joined FH Taxaties in 2021 as a partner and appraiser. With great enthusiasm and passion I perform my work.

These consist primarily of performing rebuilding value and inventory appraisals. I also perform risk inspections and am partly responsible for acquisition. My specialty is performing reinstatement value appraisals for monuments, mills, pumping stations and luxury residences. I have been working as a construction appraiser and claims assessor for over 25 years now. Before that I worked as a construction foreman, supervisor and project manager.


Jan-Willem Guit | Registered appraiser VRT / RT / REV

06-16385287 - jan-willem@fh-taxaties.nl - LinkedIn

My name is Jan-Willem Guit. I am 49 years young and live in Baambrugge. I joined FH Taxaties in 2021 as a partner and appraiser. At FH Appraisals I perform appraisals for insurance purposes (reconstruction value).

In addition, I perform business market value appraisals. I do this nationwide. In Greater Amsterdam, I also perform residential property appraisals for such things as home financing. These are NWWI validated reports. I have been working as an architectural appraiser for over 18 years. Before that I worked for a construction company and as a property manager.


Ing Saman Bedawi | Registered appraiser VRT

My name is Saman Bedawi, 50 years old and living in Arnhem. Since the beginning of 2022, I joined FH Valuations as a partner and inventory appraiser. I can appraise all types of inventories from large machinery fleets to the small grocery ...

..but through experience and internal training at my previous employer I also do building appraisals. This makes me nicely all-round and in case of a combination valuation of a building and inventory, there is no need for 2 valuers to come by.

After my education at the HTS mechanical engineering school, I started working as a cad draughtsman at a company in the Achterhoek. After a few years I didn't like sitting behind a desk all day making cad drawings. Going outside seemed much more fun and so I ended up at my previous employer in January 2004 and worked there as an appraiser until early 2022.


Youri Fanger | Appraiser

06-19504737 - youri@fh-taxaties.nl - LinkedIn

My name is Youri Fanger. I am 26 years old and live in Purmerend. Since the beginning of 2022 I started working as a reconstruction value appraiser. As reconstruction value appraiser I visit clients to perform fixed appraisals or valuations for building insurance.

This can be corporate, but also from a CoE or as a private individual. I am customer friendly, have a good spatial insight and work in a structured way. It is nice that I can always spar with the experienced appraisers when I have questions.


Ivar de Vries | Partner at FH Taxations

06-28845831 - ivar@fh-taxaties.nl - LinkedIn

I am Ivar de Vries, 47 years old and living in Purmerend. In January 2022 I joined FH Taxaties as a partner. I actually do everything except valuation. I make the quotations, prepare the reports, do the planning, invoicing, bookkeeping, as said everything except appraisal.

I have been in the valuation business for over 25 years. All that time I have been working with numbers/reports. Before I entered the appraisal business I worked at a major bank. So if you contact FH Appraisals, there is a very good chance that you will get me on the line.


Sara Soares | Inside sales representative

06-19804311 - sara@fh-taxaties.nl - LinkedIn

I am Sara Soares, living in Amsterdam and working part-time for FH Taxaties in the inside sales department since February 2022. I work at our beautiful office in downtown Purmerend. Here I do the planning of the appraisers, have client contact....

..I make quotes and do acquisition for our company. I enjoy planning and creating efficient routes for our appraisers. In addition, contact with clients is often a lot of fun. I have worked in the appraisal industry for several years, including working with some of my current colleagues. In 2010, I earned my MER degree in Management, Economics & Law.