Are you facing the challenge of determining the value of your business inventory?

Determining the value of your business inventory is more than just an administrative task; it is an essential step in protecting and optimizing your business assets. Whether it's insuring your inventory at the right value or minimizing the risks of aging assets, an accurate valuation is critical.

The risks of an inaccurate appraisal report

An incorrect valuation of your business inventory can lead to financial risks. Imagine: after fire damage, for example, you discover that insurance does not cover everything. This could result in large losses that could potentially strain your business processes.

An inaccurate valuation can also negatively affect the financial value of your business during a business acquisition or sale. Therefore, an accurate valuation is invaluable.

Inventory valuation by FH Appraisals

Why should you choose a business inventory appraisal?

There are several reasons to have your business inventory appraised. Whether you need an appraisal for insurance purposes, a purchase or sale, or simply want insight into what you own, valuing business inventory requires expertise.

Our registered appraisers have years of experience and are registered with VRT (United Register of Appraisers).

Inventory valuation for insurance purposes
(the so-called new value)

It is important to properly insure your inventory and/or structural facilities (so-called tenant's interests). The insurance value is based on new value and/or in some cases replacement value. This allows the same or equivalent items to be purchased after damage so that business operations can continue without interruption.

If the market value of the inventory is less than 40% of the new value, only the market value will be paid out, even if you are insured at new value. In case of total loss, without a fixed appraisal report based on Art. 7:960 BW, you will not be reimbursed the full amount and your business may be in financial difficulties.

An appraisal report is therefore indispensable for your insurance. We ensure that your report is complete and meets all the requirements of insurers. This way you are well prepared in case of unexpected damages and you avoid being over- or underinsured. A detailed and accurate valuation report not only offers the certainty of a correct compensation, but also enables you to negotiate more efficiently with insurers.

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Inventory valuation based on economic purposes

You can also have your business inventory appraised for economic purposes, such as when buying or selling. Here, for example, private sale value plays an essential role. The private sale value is the amount you could receive or pay for your business inventory on the current market.

This is important for decisions about buying or selling assets.

Correctly estimating this value provides a realistic valuation of business assets, contributing to effective financial management.

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