A fixed valuation is of great importance for residential properties in the higher segment (on the basis of Article 7:960 of the Civil Code for insurance purposes).

Exclusive features

The valuation of residential properties in the higher segment requires specialisation. This residential market has exclusive characteristics. Think of a unique design, a high level of finishing, luxury kitchens, sanitary facilities and a custom-made interior.

Such homes cannot simply be compared with each other. Each Each property must be inspected individually, after which the specific reinstatement value can be determined.

Valuation with a personal touch

The experienced valuers at FH Taxaties will be pleased to draw up a valuation report with the reinstatement value for you, with a personal approach . The building and the level of finish are described in detail.

This will prevent your dream home from being underinsured and there will be no unnecessary discussion in the event of damage. discussion in the event of unexpected damage.

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